Advocacy how-to: ArtsEd Facts & Figures

March is, among many other things (Women’s History Month, Music in Our Schools Month, spring if we’re lucky), Youth Arts Month! What better moment than now to make you an even more awesome advocate of arts education?

Americans for the Arts/ARTSblog recently posted this wonderful entry about their brand new e-book, Arts Ed Facts & Figures. It’s part of their Arts Education Navigator series, and this particular e-book is full of statistics, infographics, little tidbits you can keep in your pocket and pull out the moment you need them.


Added bonus: It’s aesthetically pleasing! (I do work for an arts organization, after all – but hey, intention is even more important than aesthetics.)

Tuck these gems away, for example:

Students who are involved in the arts are…

3x more likely to win an award for school attendance 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement 2x as likely to graduate college (for low-income students in particular)

In addition to these important stats about why arts are crucial, the e-book offers stats conveying how arts are declining in school settings. Get familiar with this important information, pass it along…and if you want a tidibit on the daily, check our Twitter, where we’ll be posting a stat each day in honor of Youth Arts Month.

Thanks for advocating!