A little bit of beauty at Pershing West Middle School

So we’ve been posting all these thought-provoking interviews lately, and don’t get us wrong, the input of our artists and partners can’t be beat for poignancy. But we thought it might be time for you to sit back and just look at something beautiful. Sound good?

Urban Gateways teaching artist Mirtes Zwierzynski recently installed a gorgeous mosaic mural at Pershing West Middle School; see photos below of the process (from sketching to compiling to actual getting the pieces onto the wall). Mirtes was teaching an after-school visual art residency with 4th through 8th graders at Pershing West, and her students had a hand in prepping the mosaic. Pictured here, the results! Pershing West has a butterfly motif around the school and they thought it was high time they greeted students and community members with something lovely right inside the front entrance. Just another of the many things our artists do so well – making public spaces more beautiful, more welcoming, more community-driven.

Cheers to Mirtes, check it out right here!