Urban Gateways offers workshops designed to cultivate student, parental and community involvement by providing strategies to incorporate the arts into everyday life.


Family & Community Workshops

Family and Community Workshops offer an opportunity for adults and children to engage in the artistic process together. Arts learning experiences of this kind foster relationship-building, open communication, and meaningful interaction between adults and children – all crucial to support creativity, wonder, and imagination in both the classroom and home environments.

Workshops are especially effective when paired with an Artist Residency, allowing the work of our teaching artists to continue in the school, at home and in the community, long after the program ends.

To book a Family & Community Workshop, please contact Community Partnerships Manager Albert Cooper at 312-445-2745 or acooper@urbangateways.org.

Student Immersion Workshops

Immersion Workshops can be paired with Touring Performances to extend and deepen the students’ experience through interactive arts experiences led by Urban Gateways artists before or after the performance.

Workshops can be one to three days in length, range in price from $900-$2950, and are completely customizable.

To book a Student Immersion Workshop, please contact Performance Programs Manager Tarah Ortiz Durnbaugh at 312-445-2750 or tortiz@urbangateways.org.