Urban Gateways EDUCATES AND INSPIRES young people by delivering HIGH-QUALITY, ACCESSIBLE ARTS EXPERIENCES that advance their personal and academic growth.

What We Do:

Urban Gateways delivers high-quality arts programs led by trained and experienced professional artists in music, dance, theater, literary arts, visual arts, and digital media to engage youth, their teachers, families, and communities. From visual arts residencies to live performances and media arts apprenticeships, our programs connect youth with professional artists to encourage self-expression and social change.

Programs Include:

Find out how Urban Gateways can help the young people in your school and/or community achieve artistic and academic success. For touring performances, contact Claire Meyers: cmeyers@urbangateways.org or 312-445-2743. For residencies, workshops, and other program inquiries, contact Dee Dee Pacheco: dpacheco@urbangateways.org or 312-445-2744.

Urban Gateways’ Impact:

We believe arts education is an essential component of a well-rounded curriculum and healthy childhood development. To that end, Urban Gateways engages Chicago’s youth in arts experiences that:

  • Improve artistic and academic achievement by aligning with Illinois State Learning Standards including Common Core
  • Increase student engagement in learning
  • Build essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and innovation
  • Raise young people’s self-esteem and confidence necessary to succeed