The Make ‘Em Ups

Touring Performance • Theater

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Part improv workshop, part writing tool, and all around super fun, Chicago Improv Productions use improv games to teach students the rules of improv and how to create characters, settings and stories. At the start of this educational and entertaining show, it’s the actors who are performing improv games, but by the end the students are playing improv games onstage with the actors, too. Because of its audience inter-activeness, The Make ‘Em Ups is a very popular show with students, teachers, and parents alike as everyone enjoys the students performing onstage with the professional improvisers of The Make ‘Em Ups.

Availability: Monday through Friday, weekends

For all ages



The Make 'Em Ups show was amazing - the actors did a fantastic job! We had two shows and the energy level and quality of material was excellent at both. The teachers and students loved it - received many comments from staff afterwards that it was best assembly they have ever been to! Thanks again - great success!!
Parent Organizer, Pleasant Ridge School (Glenview, IL)
I was impressed by how much they were able to engage the students and encourage their active participation throughout the show. I thought the performance was fun and very appropriate for the middle school level. At one point during the show almost every hand was up because so many students wanted to have a chance to go up to be part of the sketch being presented.
McCracken Middle School
Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes