Shakespeare Shorts!

Touring Performance • Theater

“Shakespeare Shorts!” will get young people (and just about anyone!) excited about the art of live theatre and the works of William Shakespeare. This production includes scenes from some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, such as Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, performed in a fresh, playful, accessible way to give the audience a taste of comedy, tragedy, and swordplay.  

Along the way, our professional actors share fun facts about theatre in Shakespeare’s time, the actor’s toolkit (voice, body, and imagination), and Shakespeare language including his rhythmic verse, iambic pentameter, and literary devices.

Volunteers from the audience will also have an opportunity to come onstage, don a costume piece, and perform alongside the All-Stars!

William Shakespeare is one of the most celebrated playwrights in the English language. His plays have universal appeal, and thus have remained popular and relevant for over 400 years. Shakespeare addresses many issues that are important to today’s youth including peer pressure, first love, ambition, violence, and integrity.  

Seeing, studying, and performing the works of Shakespeare offers a rare opportunity to develop literary and public speaking skills, explore history and the human condition, and understand how the arts influence and reflect our daily lives. After seeing this production, students will be able to better understand and appreciate these famous works and have a strong foundation when they encounter Shakespeare in the classroom.

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

For All Ages

This performance also offers an Immersion Workshop. To learn more about Immersion Workshops, click here. To book a Workshop paired with a Touring Performance, please specify under “Comments” on our Request Form.

Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes
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