American Groove Evolution

Touring Performance • Music

Violinist Edgar Gabriel and his band StringFusion take students on a musical journey that transcends time, geography and cultures. This musical tour starts in Africa, moves through Asia, Europe and winds up in the United States for an energetic entertaining program that demonstrates how music throughout the world met in the USA and the rest of the Americas to produce Jazz, Blues, Latin, Rock, Country, Pop, Hip Hop and more. The audience will hear everything from Mozart to Duke Ellington to Pharrell Williams. This show inspires and encourages students to imagine their contribution to future music, art science, technology and more.

(Formerly know as String Groove)

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For all ages

Technical Requirements:

  • Access to electricity
  • PA system (artist can provide if necessary)
  • Two microphones with stands




The show was outstanding -€“ kids and teachers dancing in the gym!! It was great to have String Groove!
Spirit of 67 Foundation / Everett School
It was a great experience. These performers are amazing musicians, and I know that both students and faculty really appreciated it. A [music] revue is always good; I like the connection between history and place and the culture it produces.
Teacher, Chicago Christian High School
Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes