Anna Joranger

Staff • Communications Manager

As Urban Gateways’ Communications Manager, Anna strives to tell the organization’s story with all the artistry and heart that it inspires. Having studied Creative Writing (and Anthropology) at Macalester College, she is infatuated with fiction and is currently working on her second novel. She is happy to bring her writerly tendencies to the table in her day-to-day work at Urban Gateways. She has previously worked or volunteered in communications for Macalester College, Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, and Chicago’s Neighborhood Writing Alliance. She is also a certified instructor of English as a Foreign Language; she spent a year as an English teacher in Quito, Ecuador and six months as a freelance writer of EFL educational materials. When not working or writing, she loves to cook, explore Chicago’s endless neighborhoods and institutions, and travel any time she can squeeze it in.