Amanda Moutrage

Associate Board

Amanda is an operations and product development leader with a passion for enhancing the user experience as well as company culture. As a first-generation Australian, it became apparent that she would gain knowledge and experience through other ways, other than just education. Although Amanda started her career later than others, Amanda’s curiosity to explore the world has enabled her to understand human adoption to technology and its’ usability. She began her career in strategy and operations whilst in Australia before moving to the United States. Upon joining a LegalTech firm, Amanda started in solution sales support and product marketing and moved into product standardization and business operations. The transition between company functions allowed her to appreciate the effort and dedication from all levels of management as well as a deep understanding of team collaboration and collective success.

Amanda has since served in several executive positions and has been responsible for business strategy operations and product UX and development, including building out company operative and sales functions, end-to-end management supply chain, product functionality, and product design. Amanda has also contributed to establishing strategic partnership relationships with vendors as well as clients.

Throughout her career, Amanda has developed unique and advanced skills relative to operational strategy and understanding of product usability and customer success. Alongside her professional skills and experience, she has a strong obligation to social responsibility. Amanda has established social responsibility programs and sponsorships throughout her professional career and within local communities. Amanda’s diverse ethnic background provides her with a unique understanding of people from all walks of life that translates into understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion in Corporate America and abroad.