Voices of Chicago: Slam Poetry

Touring Performance • Theater

Building on Chicago’s unique heritage as the stomping grounds of many great writers and the birthplace of modern performance (“Slam”) poetry, Chicago Slam Works presents a guided tour of the city’s poetic landscape. Some of Chicago’s best poets bring poetry to life through their own original work and inspire students to create their own version of Chicago through writing.

Availability: Monday through Saturday

For grades 5-12

Technical Requirements:

  • PA system with 2 microphones, preferrably wireless
  • Minimum 10′ x 5′ performance space
  • Access to electricity




The Urban Gateways performance was wonderful. The poets presented their work extremely well. There was nothing untoward about their presentation, and they kept the students (all 100 or so of them!) interested and engaged. I will definitely support their repeat performance at our school next year.
Woodlawn Middle School, Long Grove, IL
Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes